Cisco 877w IPS - build in


I tried to configure IPS on my 877w router.

I cannot see a command ip ips sdf location BUILDIN

I have one of the latest IOS and I assume it does not support old sdf files, but how should I enable the BUILD IN database of IPS signatures???
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macoronatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ip ips config location <url>

Location where the signature file is saved.
Available URL options:
•Local flash, such as flash:sig.xml
•FTP server, such as ftp://myuser:mypass@ftp_server.sig.xml
•rcp, such as rcp://myuser@rcp_server/sig.xml
•TFTP server, such as tftp://tftp_server/sig.xml
m1979Author Commented:
yes that was the case, I figured it out thats why I changed my question... How can I use a buildin database of IPS in the latest IOS???
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hahahah :P  I'm pretty sure I posted my answer before you changed the question.
Anyway, you should check the 2 lower links.  You will find your answer there. :)
m1979Author Commented:
Well... there is no answer for my question in these documents :-(

In SDF I could have used:

ip ips sdf location buildin

What is the command in the latest IOS? ANyone pls?
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