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what is the difference between mac os jurneled and jurneled case sensitive

what is the difference between mac os jurneled and jurneled case sensitive
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If it is case sensitive and you searched for "File.doc" you would not find "file.doc".  Also, you could have two different files in the same folder named, say FILE.DOC and file.doc.

Probably not a good idea to use case sensitive. It tends to confuse people.
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is that all or is ther more with the OS involved
That's it.
My MAC continues to have a curropted OS. I need to reload the stupid thing. the guy at the apple store told me that it is curropted due to not having set up the OS as cae sensitive is that true?
No, or at least very unlikely. I can't think of one case in my experience. The 'case sensitive' thing has to do with the file system of the disk, not Mac OS X. It looks like the guy at the Apple store got it wrong.
If your disk is continuously getting corrupted it is probably a hardware problem. Either the disk itself is failing or needs to be replaced, or you have bad RAM.

Download and install the freeware SMARTReporter which will monitor your disk health. It puts a green icon in the menubar and then runs hourly SMART tests on the disk health in the background. If it detects symptoms of disk failure the green icon turns red. It can also be set to e-mail you.
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