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How to list the values in Speech.Recognition.Choices?

In my winforms voice enabled app, I want to display to the user a list of available commands. By available, I mean the commands the speech engine is supposed to recognize.  In my app there will be a limited set of about 50 or so.

( I know what commands are SUPPOSED to be there because my code added them to a supposedly empty grammar. In addition to helping the user, actually querying the engine will validate that it contains what it is supposed to contain.)

How do I pull the current values from the Speech.Recognition.Choices?

In debug mode, this works to return the items one at a time (zero is an example element).


But the same code is not recognized by my winforms app when I try to add it.  It will not compile because it says Oneof is not a member of Speech.Recognition.Choices and  System.Speech.Internal.GrammarBuilding.GrammarBuilderPhrase is not defined.

(Windows XP, Speech SDK 5.1, Net Framework 4.)

Any help appreciated.  

Thanks in advance.
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Can't you just do something like this?
For Each choice In Speech.Recognition.Choices
MsgBox choice.ToString
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Nope.   There is no such thing as a single Speech.Recognition.Choice.
I only load one grammar at a time, unloading them all between (which now that I think about it, is kind of inefficient, but that is a problem for another day...).   I don't think the code Idle_Mind sent me to will show me the individual phrases inside the grammer...when I debug, all I can find for RuleName inside my grammer is "root".

I think what I need is GrammerBuilder.DebugShowPhrases, but that item is not recognized by the intellisense, even though it is referred to in some of the MSDN pages I was just reading.  Maybe I am missing a reference?
I'll set up a test project later today after my son's doctor's appointment and try to figure it out that way if no one gets it solved by then.
Hey Tommy, any luck?  (EE is saying this is an inactive question.)
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I almost dismissed this answer because "DebugShowPhrases" does NOT show up in the VBE intellisense...but I decided to type it in anyway and to my surprise, VBE did not object and it compiled!  

This gave me EXACTLY what I was seeking.   Thanks!
Did you have the All selection for the Intellisense, or the Common?  Sometimes Intellisense doesn't show, but as you found out, you can still reference it, since the compiler uses a different technique to evaluate tokens.

Maybe I saw it, because I use C#, which is a different development environment than VB.NET.
I use Visual Studio Express 2010, which may not have an option to modify the way the intellisense works, or it may, but I am not sure where to look....
You get Intellisense as it is, but you can see how there are two options for viewing (Common and All):


I had never noticed those tabs before!  
(But FYI, DebugShowPhrases does not show up in VSE 2010 in the intellisense under
either tab.)

More good stuff to know, though!
Thanks for the additional info!

Clearly, you know your way around voice recognition.

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