HP Insight Manager Terminology

HP Insight Manager Terminology

can someone tell me the difference between HP CMS and Insight Manager.
AFAK, we can download and install HP Insight Manager to the server.
Then we can access it through web browser.

Other than that what gets installed in the background of HP Insight Manager? the Home Page I believe gets installed the first time we run the Smart Start CD.
there is HP agent, but I am not sure what is it for ?

Any idea ?

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65tdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The HP SIM (systems insight manager) has a CMS (Central Management Station) and the the clients are Managed systems.
Agents are installed on the managed systems from HP (for HP hardware) the agents are downloaded as PSP's.
Example for dl380-g7 and windows 2003 one download from the link below:

jskfanAuthor Commented:
ok, so if I have deployed new HP SIM, can I just re-scan the whole domain and then re-add the existing server into the new HP SIM ?
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