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Need to route VoIP traffic between interfaces on Sonicwall 2040.

Hi Experts,

I am using a Sonicwall 2040. I have a customer network setup on the X2 interface with an IP scheme of 192.168.1.x and a VoIP network on X3 with a scheme of 192.168.42.x. Since I have an existing Wifi APs on the Customer Network I would like to use those for my WiFi enabled VoIP phones.

I need to route VoIP traffic from the X2 interface to the X3 interface where the VoIP network is.
I have DHCP setup for the X2 interface on the Sonicwall. Clients on the X3 interface get their leases from a server on that network.

X2 and X3 interfaces are part of the same Custom Zone (CustNet).

Thanks for your help.
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your best bet here would be to assign static ips to those phones and route them specifically to the X3 interface.
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What IP scheme? .1.x or .42.x? I lack the know-how needed to route the traffic appropriately. Thanks.
cool. so you have an ap that's bridging wireless traffic on the x2 interface, so that wireless hosts get an IP from the dhcp server on the x2 interface?

regarding the traffic on the phones, will voip be the only traffic they will generate on the wireless?

you could configure a dhcp reservation on the sonicwall for those phones. then, configure a route under network > routing for the phones. create an address object for each IP address statically assigned the phones. then, create an address group and put those address objects in the group. let's say the group is called, VoIPPhones

source: VoIPPhones
destination: Any
gateway: X3 IP
interface: X3

voip uses a series of dynamics ports and i think it would be challenging to get the sonicwall to nail down the ports for VoIP. this is why i'm suggesting the static IP assignment for the phones.

hope that makes sense and i'm understanding your network topology correctly.
This is how I have set it up.

VoIP phone Static IP on X2

Route is setup like you suggested.


It does forward the packet to the call server on X3. The packet is consumed from the call server to an IP of There isn't anything using that address though. I've attached the packet capture I ran while the phone was trying to contact the call server.

Thanks for your help.
when you say packet consumed from the call server, does that mean that the voip traffic is getting to the call server, but it's not finding it's way back to the phone? can you ping the phone from the call server?

now that i think about this some more, try disabling the route you created. if they are the same zone then the sonicwall already going to know how to route that traffic. i don't know why my brain tried to make this more complicated than it MAY not need to be. if you disable the route, what happens?
I have tried using the phone without the route. I was thinking it shoudl work as well, with both interfaces in the same zone. I am able to RDP from a computer on the X2 to the voicemail server on X3. That works as it should.

I am able to ping the 1.120 address of the phone on X2 from the X3. It would appear that the network is functioning as it should.

Something is still incorrect as the phone will not connect with the call server. Perhaps it is in the programming of the phone.
yes, there must be a configuration issue on the phone....or, i guess the wireless ap isn't passing the voip traffic properly. it looks like you've got full network connectivity.
what kind of aps do you have?
I have currently taken the APs out of the equation by plugging directly into the same switch they do. I'm using Avaya 5410 phones. I can't think of what else to try for the moment.
do the phones work if you connect them on the x3 network?
Yes. Everything works as it should on X3. VoIP is the only thing on that interface.
hmmm, well, i don't think it's the phone, i don't think you need a route. typically, when you have challenges with voip, it's due to going through a NAT'ing device with SIP or h.323. you're not doing that here.

what settings do you have enabled under the voip section of the sonicwall on the left hand side?
H.323 Transformations. That is the only box checked.
Connections Manager shows the Phone as the source and the call server as the Destination. It is transmitting but not receiving. All Rx byes are 0.
i guess you can enable SIP transformations, but i'm not sure what that will do. are you on the latest firmware of your 2040? when you try to establish a voip call, what do you see in the sonicwall logs? does your phone have any logs that you can review?
i assume then that your voip server has a proper route since you can ping 1.120 from your voip server successfully.
Digitap, I do have the latest firmware on the 2040.

Calls do not currently route through the Sonicwall. I'm only using it to route between the customer network and VoIP network. I didn't see any logs available on the phones.
if the sonicwall is in between the two networks, then you are routing through the sonicwall. do you have a managed switch or a layer3 switch that you could moving the routing to from the sonicwall?
I don't have another L3 switch to try. When I said calls don't currently route through the sonicwall, I meant that this is a new setup and the only phones that will be on the customer network and routed tot he VoIP net are 4 wifi models.
ah...i see. sorry for the confusion.

the only next step i can think of at the moment is to contact your voip hardware vendor and see if they have any recommendations.

also, we may have covered this, but i can't recall, do these wifi phones also have LAN capabilities? if so, have you tried to connect them to the X2 network and see if you can establish a voice call? it may be a deficiency in the AP rather than something within the sonicwall. i'm looking through the question and i don't see mention of the AP hardware. i apologize if you've already provided that information, but what AP hardware are you working with?
I don't have the wifi phones here yet. To test the connection between the X2 net and X3 I have a phone plugged into the X2 network. I have to give this a break though and work on something else before I go crazy! Maybe I will come up with a workable solution in the mean time. Thanks for your help.
sure. i thought you were already using the gear. i'll let it ruminate. post back if something changes.
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it sure sounded like a gateway issue. i just didn't think it would have originated on the server. i can't remember if i even asked if the server had a proper gateway or not.
sorry i couldn't be of any help.
Needed route from Avaya call server appliance to default gateway.