Find out what is the local account name on Windows 7


I need to logon Windows 7 local account I tried "computer name\local user name" path and it keeps saying account does not exist although I tried several users name I can think of. Is that any way I can sitll login even though I don't remember local account user name?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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David-HowardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried using the Administrator account and password?
Did you install W7 on this PC?  If so, during the install I think it asks you to create a user name and password.  On the W7 boxes on our network, doing that also seems to disable the "administrator" account and makes the account that I set up the admin,
you can type the IP for the computer as local like this\Administrator
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lgallionAuthor Commented:

I am the only second person having win 7 in our envirment and under User Account of Control Panel it is my name listed there instead of Administrator name. I did prep this laptop and someone else joined laptop to our domain. I tried that person's login name, my loing name and Administrator  and none of them worked.

I don't know the ip since I can not  get that far.
lgallionAuthor Commented:
I login to safe mode and made it work!!

Thank you everyone!!
lgallionAuthor Commented:
Appreciate everyone's input!!
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