Sending Email via POP3 connection rather than Exchange Address

I have setup a user on our Exchange 2007, and setup pop3 connector to pull his email from a google app email address (pop3 address is different from E2007 address)

I am needing his email when sending new/replying to email, to default to the pop3 email rather than E2007 address, this is the email he does business with. The E2007 is setup just for calendar/tasks/contact purposes.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can do this?

Thanks in advanced
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Depends on his mail client - assume he is using Outlook 2010.  You need to configure the Outlook client with the gmail account and then set that to be the default for sending mail.  No point in really even configuring Exchange to POP his mail.  Just set Outlook up as iMap to gmail.
You could use a transport rule, but not sure if this will allow you to change the from address...
suttons27Author Commented:
Yes, Outlook 2010,  have configured Outlook 2010 to have pop3 email as well, have also set this email account as default, but default results in E2007 address not pop3
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