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Calculate the age and corrected age of prenatal patients

Hi Experts,

I’ve got to calculate the age and corrected age of a selection of prenatal patients from our prenatal department.

The corrected age is the age a child would have if it would have been born after a full pregnancy of 280 day (40 weeks).

What do we know?

We do know the:

•      birth date (stored in a nvarchar field) name “geboortedatum”  format yyyy-mm-dd
•      pregnancy weeks (stored in a nvarchar field)  name “Zwangerschapsduur_weken” format example “27”
•      pregnancy days (stored in a nvarchar field)  name “Zwangerschapsduur_dagen” format example “4”

We need to know (based on the current date):

•      The current uncorrected age (based on the birth date) precise by the day.
•      The corrected age precise by the day.
•      The number of days between the uncorrected and corrected age.

Besides the points you will receive our hospitals gratitude for your contribution to public healthcare in the Netherlands.
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The number of days difference is just..

280- (Zwangerschapsduur_weken*7) - Zwangerschapsduur_dagen
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I'm going to write some tips for you that might help:

1. to get current uncorrected age [Select datediff(day, birthdate, getdate()) from ...... ]

2. to get the corrected age:
   - get the start pregnancy date = birth_date - pregnancy days in sql ' set @birthdate = dateadd(d, birthdate , -1* pregnancy days)'
   - get the estimated_birth_date = start_date + 240 day in sql ' set @estbirth_date = dateadd(d, startdate,240)'
   - select @corrected_age = getdate()-estbirth_date

3. just subtract the two dates above.

- To get current date "today" use getdate()

- Date time functions help:
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Sorry Peter,

I'm used to do only simple select statements and don't understand.
Can you please give a more detaild discription what I should do?

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Dear Swindle,

This is exact what we were looking for. Thank you very much you helped us a great deal.