Ajax loading div with decrementing counter

I have already set up a loading div and I pass php based time to it.
what I looking for is a nice loading div with the decrementing counter - I can pass the counter/time to it

It would be great if some one could help me out with it.

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McNeticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That could be as simple as this:

<div id="counter">Counter
<script type="text/javascript">
function countdown(start) {
	if ('undefined' == typeof(start)) {
		start = parseInt(document.getElementById('counter').firstChild.data) - 1;
	document.getElementById('counter').firstChild.data = start;
	if (0 < start) {
		setTimeout(countdown, 1000);

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If you can provide a working code sample of what you already have, I'll try to help you find a solution. I don't exactly understand what you have, and what you want to get.
SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
its just be java script, AJAX and CSS I belive or may be only CSS.
I am sure you are aware of timer functions in javascript
lets say I have 60 secnods
All I want to show is display the counter 60, 59, 58....seconds remaining
Although I have changed my design but it would be goog to find a solution
I hope you understand what I want achieve
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SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help. It would be done like this but I am not exactly what I am looking for.
for example we say setTimeout(countdown, 60000);
I am looking for a counter to be display as 60 - 59 - 58 untlil it reaches 0
mean 60 sec to 0 secs waiting div.
Uhm, I'm afraid we've got a little misunderstanding. What do you mean by waiting div? Did you try my code? It does display a div, starting with 60, counting down to 0, decrementing by 1 every second.
SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
hey it man :) my bad
SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
it works :)
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