Clients connect to outlook anywhere from LAN !

Hello Experts

- my enviornment is a 2010 - 2003 co-existing . everything migrated to 2010 and two-way route between 2003 and 2010 is removed. all outlooks are connected to 2010 server.

- In order to decomission 2003 exchange server , I decided to stop its services for a couple of days before I uninstall it completely . just in-case something that I missed to migrate.

- I think we are getting these prompts because of stopping 2003 services, I did stop the services yesterday and right after that some users got logon prompt. If the cancel the prompt , outlook connects to exchange 2010.

- 2010 exchange is in a different subnet but it's accessible. 2003 exchange is in the same subnet as clients.

 Any Thoughts

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MegaNuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of Outlook are you running? Have you tried Outlook /rpcdiag to see if Outlook is trying to connect to the old server?

Did you move your OAB and PFs across?
check the authentication on the Virtual Directories in 2010 server , i am positive that there is something wrong there
Compare them with this
akhalighiAuthor Commented:
clients are outlook 2007 . didn't check /repdiag but will do.

Public folders are migrated . what is OAB ?
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OAB is offline address book
Thanks for the points, can you confirm that you are no longer receiving prompts? Did /rpcdiag show outlook trying to connect the old server
akhalighiAuthor Commented:
outlook /rpcdiag shows my 2010 exchange server.  I noticed that OAB wasn't migrated . there were also some system folders that we not replicated.

I migrated OAB and replicated all system folders and public folders. I am going to stop service on exchange 2003 and see if we get the prompt or not.

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