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SEO and online marketting with bad website

Our company has a very old website that is very outdated on has never been optimized for search engines. Furthermore, the content and the images are not able to demonstrate our services and our capabilities.  Moreover, we have no social media in place ( i.e Facebook./ twitter ) . We are one of the major players in the industry both locally and nationally.  
My goal was to get management approval to allocate funds for a website development which is rich in content and demonstrate our services.

Recently, ReachLocal  a company who provides online marketing has pitched our management for using their services. Reachlocal is suggesting that we sue a Cast page which is a page provided by them that links to our social media as well. They will also provide us with a dedicated  rep that would write keep our social media up-to-date and write articles an blogs to help us rack better in google.  They

I for one am not very comfortable with this approach because this still leaves us a very bad webpage as they will not do anything to our website and want to point all their efforts towards a cast page which may be linked social media and our website.

They want $1800 a month and since we have two office they recommend that we would have two cast pages which means 2 x $1800. They also want a six month contract. They think we should separate each office social media which does not make sense to me. They seem to do a good job in selling their product to none technical users as my management is mostly convinced that they will make a lot more $$ using their services.  
Please let me know what you think .  
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I would have to agree with you.  What's the point of spending all the money only to be sending the user to an outdated website which they will probably just close.  I'm also not sure why you would have separate "cast pages" if there is only one company \ website.  It just sounds like more money for reachlocal.  Having a blog, twitter, facebook, social networking is critical but separating it from your website doesn't make much sense to me.

I have the same issues dealing with management and sometimes it's hard to explain tech to not tech people.  The best you can do is come up with an alternate plan or at least suggest that the website should be worked on first or simultaneously.
Bernard S.Commented:
Difficult not to agree with you.

Since this agency seems to have some impact on your management... use their momentum to show alternatives.

Since you say that your site is outdated, chances are high that it is made of manually crafted individual pages.

1. Strategy

One "easy" step (well, none are really that easy) would be to convert that site to something easier to maintain, like a drupal site which would initially just contain the present pages. Once this step 0 is done, it becomes easy to add content by people with moderate tech skills, and that would probably be enough.

2. Tactics

To achieve that goal, you would need to subcontract to a web agency this conversion "manual site" --> "drupal site". I would go for small agencies, maybe spending more on the look and graphics. In that case avoid a large agency which will try to send a gorgeous strategy: the corresponding invoice should make fear to everyone.
So, get quotes from one to 3 small agencies, for the conversion to drupal. You might see things in the range of 1K$ + 100K$ per present page.
Once you have your quotations, make a presentation to your management of the different elements: the nice-looking things of the agency that would lead to a bad-looking site, OR the rebuild of the site. Evidence the total bills for one year AND the expected results: are you going to sell more? How much?

3. Caveat

When renovating your site, it is very important to keep any referencement you presently have, and to provide robots with transition paths from old to new pages. Your contractor can probably use some Drupal add-ons that achieve that (eg, the one which allows to capture your existing site!)

If your site is supposed to have some impact on your sales, you must have some kind of follow-up: getting traffic statistics is easy, but you might buy your contractor for 0,5 day / month to present and explain these statistics.
netcompAuthor Commented:
Wow Fibo, Thank you so much for you great input and the time that you have put in.
I done worked with html and Dreamveware for a long time and the current site works with a Dreamveaware template. I don't know any php and, but want to learn content management platforms such as Durpal and Joomla. Infact I am thinking of getting some training for one of them.
Which one do you think would be easier to learn for someone like me that does not know much programing but has good amount of experience with Dreamveware and html sites. I was thinking of Durpal, but I read that it it harder to learn for someone like me.
Bernard S.Commented:
1 - I would think Drupal is neater and easier than Joomla, although I have not used recent versions of this last one

2 - Although being a drupalmaster or a joomlamaster requires lots of hard work and some php knowledge... you don't need to be a master to create and maintain sites. You can rely on a (small) web agency to create the parameters for your site, then you will be able to maintain it.
Bernard S.Commented:
B-) Glad we could help. Thx for the grade and points.
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