Prohibiting users from opening regedit in search bar windows 7 - server 2008 domain

My users once they put 'regedit in the search bar it simply opens up registry editor.  Where in group policy I can prohibit them from opening up registry editor but at the same time I would like them to install programs which needs the registry (so simply making the command regedit not work for them) in group policy.  where IN GPO can I do this.
My domain is server 2008 x32 bit.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAsked:
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Joseph RuizSystems EngineerCommented:
Enter your server's Group Polict Management Console
User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
Prevent access to registry editing tools
Select Enabled.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks ChuckDeezel I really appreciate your time.
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