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Assigned background not showing on an XP pro 32 bit SP3 workstation

I have a workstation on my network that's having a problem displaying the background that's assigned to it via domain GPs. The background is a .bmp along with BGinfo that's deployed out to every PC on the network so that everyone has the same background including their PCs info.

The problem at only one workstation is that while logging in, it pops up for a quick second, but as all icons are loaded the background goes away and the only thing that shows is the default blue background. All other backgrounds are grayed out when trying to change them, even for admins.

I've done a gpupdate /force, checked registry entries, verified the files presence, done registry cleans, cleaned all temp DIRs and even rebuilt profiles and I still end up with the same results as described above.

Although this is a very low priority, it would be nice to know if anyone else has had this problem and maybe figure something out before I just simply re-image the machine.
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Sounds likt it is displaying the background as a webpage
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Right click on the desktop, go to Properties, Desktop Tab, Customise Desktop > Web Tab > Delete any webpages and uncheck "lock desktop items."
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I'll try that when I get into the office Monday and post the results, thanks
unfortunately I was unable to get ahold of that user and she's in a different physical location so I'll be trying again tomorrow
Just want to keep you both updated:

I was finally able to get ahold of my user and have scheduled to get with her next Tuesday.

Sorry for the wait, but the points are worth it (just learned about the point system yesterday lol)

I was finally able to get in her PC and found that not even admin can change their backgrounds, everything is grayed out except for the box to choose color. Also, no tab for web pages: I checked with another PC, regular users and both local and global admins can access that tab as well as change their background to anything they want.

Is there another set of registry entries besides HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Desktop that relates to the background, display options or something to those affects? the registry location mentioned above is the same on this PC as what's on another that isn't experiencing the issue.
hate to use this, but nobody's getting back to me so... BUMP
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this worked great for me and ended up being a solution for admin accounts, but MY new problem is that she doesn't have rights to change her registry so under her profile the background still isn't fixed.

Looks like I'll be doing some researching on how to work get her profile fixed or something.
Can you log into her machine as admin, and make the change from there?  it should affect all profiles.
I did and it fixed it for their profiles but no one elses. Current user only applys to the user rights being used. So if I log into a local profile, one from the domain or even doing a run as, the user rights being used will have only access to that user's profile settings on that PC. Lol, I tried from many angels.

I'm thinking about giving temporary admin rights, but there's the risks involved.
Finding out what registry entry new profiles are based on, I can then change those settings and recreate her profile.
I did and it fixed it for their profiles but no one elses.

by saying their, I meant admin accounts