How do I check connection status in data bound forms?

I have a simple form in my .Net application: form with a combobox and textboxes bound to a SQL database. The user can browse data records by changing the combobox selection and print the select record.

When the application is idle for a longer period the DB drops the connection. Later when the user comes back and makes a quick selection change the data is not being supplied quickly enough to the text boxes. Clicking the print button, the application sends data from the previously selected record to the print function without any error messages (although at that time the combobox has different ID selected (before the DB connection is reestablished).

How can I check the DB connection status and catch this error?

The textboxes are bound with the following command:

textBox1.DataBindings.Add(new System.Windows.Forms.Binding("Text", this.credentialsBindingSource, "FirstName", true));

Any help is greatly appreciated…
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UnifiedISConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are some ideas:
You could clear the textboxes when the selectedindexchanged event from the combo box fires.  This would prevent incorrect data from printing.
You could try to keep your connection from timing out by periodically using it.
You could use unbound text boxes so you would know when the fields had been updated.
You could bind one text box to the key value from your combo box and do a compare before the print.  If the text box has the correct ID, then allow the print.  Put that check in a loop and continue polling until it matches.

Does your binding object have any events that signify the data has been updated or is being updated or anything like that?

Why not disable the print until the data is refreshed?
sonetincAuthor Commented:
How do I check if the data has been refreshed?
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sonetincAuthor Commented:
I could be polling the textboxes for a change... which denitely is not a clean solution. There must be a better way.
Does the combo box force a postback?  Are you saying they change the combo value and click print before the postback occurs?  And your print function prints what is in the controls as opposed to values from the database?
sonetincAuthor Commented:
This is a windows form... not And yes... this is exactly what is happening. After a few seconds the connection to the DB is reestablished and all textboxes are updated with the corresponding values from the DB. While the connection is being reestablished the user can click the submit button and print with old values.
sonetincAuthor Commented:
Was not able to find any "clean" way to check the connection state. I'm accepting the solution as a workaround.
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