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Posted on 2011-03-04
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
You want to print out a text file called vacations however the lines are of varying length. What text filter could you use to even out the length of the lines?
Question by:Reddy4U-Solaris
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Please show sample line.
How do you want to even them out?  Chop off what?

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Use enscript,

See "man enscript". It works with most postscript aware printers.
If your printer is not postscript, use enscript to create a postscripts file, use ps2pdf to create a pdf and then print the pdf.

ENSCRIPT(1)                        ENSCRIPT                        ENSCRIPT(1)

       enscript - convert text files to PostScript, HTML, RTF, ANSI, and overstrikes

       enscript  [-123456789BcgGhjkKlmOqrRvVzZ]  [-#  copies] [-a pages] [-A align] [-b header] [-C[start_line]] [-d
       printer] [-D key[:value]] [-e[char]] [-E[lang]] [-f font] [-F header_font] [-H[num]] [-i indent] [-I  filter]
       [-J title] [-L lines_per_page] [-M media] [-n copies] [-N newline] [-o outputfile] [-o -] [-p outputfile] [-p
       -] [-P printer] [-s baselineskip] [-S key[:value]] [-t title] [-T tabsize] [-u[text]] [-U num] [-W  language]
       [-X encoding] [filename ...]

       Enscript  converts  text  files to PostScript or to other output languages.  Enscript can spool the generated
       output directly to a specified printer or leave it to a file.  If no input files  are  given,  enscript  pro-
       cesses  the  standard input stdin.  Enscript can be extended to handle different output media and it has many
       options which can be used to customize the printouts.
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As this is most likely an assignment question, we aren't permitted to give you a full solution, but we can point you in the right direction.

Look into

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If you have written a program and which needs to be printed with correct indentation, use expand

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Perl and printf() could be your friend. For that matter, awk and printf() could be your friend. Cut could be a really quick fix. Unfortunately, shell's printf is lame. :)

I'd use Perl but that's just me. Tis simple if you put some thought into it. Specificity could be required if you need more assistance. G'luck.

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heh.. I would just cat $filename | lpr

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