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Importing HTML Multi Row into access (VBA?)

I have an HTML document that has two lines per record. As you can see from the enclosed, the fields are not necessarily full for both lines.
I need to bring these into a new (or existing) table so they can be analyzed. In the enclosed you will see the location of text that is filled sometime and empty on others (Pips4idiots,LTP[tp], LTP, LTP[sl]) this can vary and is not limited to the three shown as an example. IN addition to the text, I would like to bring in the other fields.

I'm not extremely familiar with HTML, but have coded VBA and am fairly proficient at Access.

As this HTML format will always be the same format, I would like to have something that a user would just click on, select the file and it would import it. I can do everything up to the import. I dont know how best to handle the HTML and the two lines.
Any help would be appreciated.
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You can read this HTML as text file and read it in VBA code.
May be example here can help you:
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any ideas on how to address the dual lines?
If you upload a sample of html text, I can advice
Yes, it is difficult to even tell if this is in a Report, Table, Form or Query...

<I have an HTML document that has two lines per record.>
Clearly define "Lines"

A "line" to some means a Record/Row
So, you really cant have a record that spans two "lines"
Or are you referring to a "Line Wrap" in a field?

In any event, I would like to sea a sample DB that exhibits this issue as well.
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I'll upload a HTML example in a bit.
In the above screen shot, you can see two grey lines, two white, two grey, etc. Each pair (i.e. two grey) is to be  imported into one record in a table.

It appears in the HTML  as:
1234      23232       23222  
                1stuff       2stuff
2345      34566        34566
               mores        more2

I would need to place the above in a table that has 5 columns, 2 rows.
Make sense?
All seems possible. I'm waiting html.
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Here's an example file.

Do you like this head:
Broker Name
Account: 12345   Name: hidden   Currency: USD   2010 July 27, 02:18

to be imported?
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Yes, optimally that would be present on every record.
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It really helps my understanding of HTML as well. Easier than I thought!
Thanks so much for the assistance and hanging in there with me.