att cellphone, push to talk

When my next door nabor calls my cell phone,if my push to talk is active @ the time they call , my phone will lite up . It want ring , and they r calling from a land line.But any way they connect to my PTT on my cell.I wouldnt even know they r there if i didnt see it lite up r here them say hello.I went and got a new phone and sim card and it still does it,  Why ?
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And is your neighbor's land line also with AT&T?

Just out of curiousity, does their phone number appear in your PTT contacts?

1sickumAuthor Commented:
No ,I have only 1 ptt contact.  Thanks
1sickumAuthor Commented:
Its a personal phone and i use it @ work,With that other ptt contact. The only one thats on the contact list.The one thats not suppose 2 show up,we unpluged all phones n the house and the computers . Then we took a phone and pluged it n to the phone company box outside 2 narrow it down. When we called it ,it did the same thang , so it was coming from the phone companys way.   Hope that helps u. Thanks
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