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Migrating WSS 3.0 to WSS 3.0 Sharepoint

I need to move or better yet copy Sharepoint farm sites from one WSS 3.0 to another 3.0. Specs are as follows.

Server 1
WSS 3.0
Windows Server 2003
SQL Server 2000


Server 2
WSS 3.0
Windows Server 2008
SQL Server 2005

I want to make a copy of the sites in Server 1 to Server 2 and remove Server 1 all together. I had a nightmare just upgrading Server 1 from 2.0 to 3.0, so I am trying to get the easiest approaches possible. Im nervous about the difference in OS and SQL versions. Would I have to upgrade Server 1 to SQL 2005? Any suggestions on the best way to approach this?
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DB's should be on the same version when moving sites between farms.  You need to either upgrade SQL to 2005, or attach the 2000 db's to the 2005 server in order to upgrade them.  

Easiest thing to do (probably), is to manually create your web apps in the destination farm, to match your source farm.  Then, backup the db's, resotre them to the 2005 server (content db's only, not config or admin).  Attache the restored db's to the web apps via STSADM or Central Admin.
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Here are some things which may help

1st Approach:

1. Upgrade the database on server 1 to 2005 and copy over that to 2008 server to restore and test, The issue here is there has been many changes between 2000 to 2008 database editions, Lot of things left unsupported and other issues may occur in this upgrade

2nd Approach (My recommendation) :

1. Backup site on first server using stsadm command line tools
2. Restore the site on Server 2 using stsadm
3. Test the site for functionality, look and feel and data to ensure all are migrated
4. Migrate rest of sites

This approach gives you flexibility to test everything in server 2 without disturbing server 1 , Hope this helps
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Justin Smith
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Is it better to create another application pool and another website and create a 2 sharepoint site with all of the content from SERVER 1 or . . . to just add the content database to SERVER 2, but I am not sure how to go about this . . .
If you dont create a web app on the new server, what are you going to attach the databases to?

Create the web apps in the new server, to match your current web apps.  They should have the same URL's.  Then attach the db's to the new web apps.
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Ok. Here is the simplest approach that I will be taking.

1) De-ttach SQL 2000 and  Attach SQL 2005? or should is it better to a backupt and restore?
2)Create a new web app with same name and URL as previous version

However, One thing I am trying to do is consolidate both sites into one. In a sense, merge both content databases so that I only have 1 IIS site. Would this complicated everything much more?
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Also, is it best to backup/de-ttach using STSADM or SQL Server?
Don't worry about merging yet, just get the sites up and running on the new server, then you can worry about moving things around.

I don't have an opinion on SQL attach vs. restore.

After you either attach or restore into SQL, you can attach them to the new web apps in Central Admin - App Mgmt - Content databases.

You really should browse the link i posted.
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I agree. It seems much easier to do this in WSS 3.0 now. I was having a pain with 2.0 backup and restores. Let me know if this sounds right before I get going on this:

1) SQL Server backup of Content DB in SQL 2000
2) Restore DB to SQL 2005.
3) New Web App via App Mgmt

Any compatibility issues you might be fore coming from experience?

I did this same process when I was migrating a previous 2.0 sites. However, I was using W2k3 and SQL 2000 on both servers. I am hoping that with 3.0, the compatibility and simplicity is much more straight forward than in 2.0. Thanks
4) Remove current content db on new web apps and attach restored content db's via Central Admin

Make sure that both versions of SharePoint are exactly the same.  Same patch level.

Not sure if you have budget or not, but I do consulting if you need assistance.  Just clikc my name and click the Hire Me button on the left.
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No, my manager would most likely not approve spending on consultation. I did this same procedure when I copying over our live WSS 2.0 site to a TEST WSS 2.0 in order for me too upgrade the test WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0. Now that it has been upgraded, I just need to repeat the process again to the live WSS 3.0 site which doesnt seem too bad. I predict that the merging will be the most nerve wrecking since any complications that occur will be in a live environment. Most like thought I will be backingup/restoring to a test server. Thanks
Ok, Just for everybody's knowledge, The site url doesn't need to match exactly, You can simply create a new web app, Attach the restored database to that web app and delete the one that got created initially, It works like a charm always

Anyways i am happy the problem is resolved for the user, Have a nice time
Who said it HAD to match?  Also, if you are moving to a new server, why wouldn't you want them to match?