primary domain controller crashed

is there a way to promote one of my other dc to the pdc. I can no longer add exchange users.
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MAS (MVE)Connect With a Mentor Technical Department HeadCommented:
do you have secondary domain? if so please do this.
MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
after seizing change the dns address in the network card of the exhange server and restart the excahange server.

Evenafter restart if are not able to add user.

please prepare AD from exchange

setup /PrepareAD
jamyoungAuthor Commented:
Yes i have secondary domain i will try these steps and let you know thanks for reponse.
jamyoungAuthor Commented:
I get following error when trying the steps.
ntdsutil: roles
fsmo maintenance: connections
server connections: docuware
Error 80070057 parsing input - illegal syntax?
server connections:

jamyoungAuthor Commented:
Nevermind i figure out what i was doing wrong.
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