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stimulate ls -l

Hi. If anyone can help me with ls –l  I appreciate that. I've written program in c to stimulate ls -l.
 it's works well except the link. I need to print out the line like this
 lrwxrwxrwx 1 admin admin 11 Feb 27 19:08 figC.18 -> ipc/fifo1.c.  
 but it’s just print   lrwxrwxrwx 1 admin admin 11 Feb 27 19:08 figC.18.  I need to make my program print the link also.
Thanks for your help
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You saw , right?

Also, look at :

•S_ISBLK(mode) -- Is this a block special file? (usually a block-based device of some sort)
•S_ISCHR(mode) -- Is this a character special file? (again, usually a character-based device of some sort)
•S_ISDIR(mode) -- Is this a directory?
•S_ISFIFO(mode) -- Is this a pipe or FIFO special file?
•S_ISLNK(mode) -- Is this a symbolic link?
•S_ISREG(mode) -- Is this a regular file?
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The solution was so helpful.
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I used this part  in my program
                  char targetName[PATH_MAX + 1];
                if( readlink( pathName, targetName, PATH_MAX ) != -1 )
                    printf( "\t%s -> %s\n", pathName, targetName );
                      printf( "\t%s -> (invalid symbolic link!)\n", pathName );

and it worked with me.
Thanks so much for your time phoffric !!
Glad you found it helpful.