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Best Desgin for SQL Server on Vmware ?

Dear all,

        as we have around three cluster env for SQL 2005,2008 for Many Apps as well for SharePoint .

         Now we decide to go through  VMware .I know the VM is a great product when I decide to go with VM I understand the support through SVV program and all of version of SQL Supported on ESX 6.

         but now when I discuss with VM engineer I found SQL Cluster is supported on VM but when we install cluster VM is working fine and everything wokring great BUT when I check VM feature like Snapshot  ,VMotion is not supported with VM only standalone . So it was big challenge as well review design something is must ?

           My question in my case it is better to go with Standalone with many servers OR go with Cluster option . Of course still we have one physical server for critical systems .

           with Cluster we loose many feature + complex troubleshooting .
           with STD alone will be easier but it will be many servers as well many management?
            Looking for best ?

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Hi ,

   Thanks for all those information . It really helpful . So let me understand for critical Application with physical cluster but for medium application will go VMWare .

  Thats look good for me but how can improve VMWare guest with standalone SQL Sever .I mean what is best to use like some feature in VM like HA or choose log-shipping or mirroring in SQL ?
HA protects you against physical hardware failure - it restarts your VM on another physical server if the server the VM is running on dies. It offers no protection if there's actually something wrong with the VM like an OS or SQL corruption.

Log shipping is simply a way to ensure that your transaction logs are applied to another SQL server so you have a ready-to-run copy of your database online.  If your primary VM goes down, you have the backup available with some manual intervention.

We generally don't use log shipping for the VMs - we are confident that our restore process is fast enough to get us back to where we need to be. We have used it to back up a non-clustered physical node though.
There is no direct and clear answer . it was describing
Thanks patkremer