Problem in hp laptop (Compaq 6510b)

Hi all

We are having some issues on some laptops (hp Compaq 6510b) after upgrading the OS (Windows XP) to SP3:
Three laptops suddenly shutdown by it self while the user working (it is happened frequently).

The OS for two laptops are crashed (when you turn it ON the blue screen appeared).

We formatted these laptops now, so what do you recommended to resolve these issues? Is their any hot fix after SP3??

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asiduConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As suggested by davy999 follow the advice from the HP website.

<<Is their any hot fix after SP3??>>
SP3 is the last one released by MS for XP.
After installing SP3 you will still need to get more security patches from the
MS site.
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AliQahtaniAuthor Commented:

I did hp solution on one laptop and it is resolved the issue but! the laptop now is very slow when I restart the OS?
Try and run the process monitor to see which program is monopolizing the processor.
AliQahtaniAuthor Commented:
I went to the website but i found many tools, can you tell me which tool should i use.

AliQahtaniAuthor Commented:
Thnak you, Iwill try it.
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