Firewalls -2 ISP Redundany and Load Balance

For years we have had an ISP which have us 30megs download speed. I was great but unstable, so we decided to get another ISP with was considered however it only offered 3meg download (T1).  We decided to keep the fast ISP for backup.  Now here's my question, is it possible to have a firewall that can support the 2 ISP connecting and support load balance and redundancy.  Because the users are complaining that about internet speed now.  Pls help.
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Depends on what you mean by mid-size.
Right now it's running a network with a SBS2003 w/Exchange + 1 member server + 50 users + 10 remote heavy users

No down time in 2 years.
I've used the Netgear FVX538; been running great for 2 years now with no problems.

Mine is running dual WAN (cable modem + T1 circuit) with load balancing.
onebytesystemAuthor Commented:
Is that router recommended for an mid-size business?  If not, can you recommend a free.

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