Blue Screen of Death Minidump Analysis Request - Windows XP

Greetings wise wizards of EE:

I'm helping a friend using a Dell Inspiron Windows XP Pro desktop with a quad-core processor with 4 GB of RAM. She recently has been experiencing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, the source of which is not obvious. I guided her over the phone to e-mail me the minidump files from her Windows/Minidumps folder, which I attach to this inquiry. She also sent me the text from another BSOD she experienced later that day, which did not produce a corresponding minidump file. The text is as follows:

"A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. Tech infor: STOP 0x0000008E (0xE0000001, 0xBA3f8925, 0xA842E820, 0x0000000)
watchdog.sys - Address BA3F8925 base@BA3F8000, Datestamp 480254ab"

I am hoping that one of you wise wizards can analyze the minidump files, as well as the error message above, so that I may troubleshoot the correct issue of the BSOD for my friend.

Many thanks in advance,

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Looks like 3 drivers.

watchdog.sys, dxg.sys and ativvaxx.dll

The second is a directx driver and the last an ATI graphics driver.  Any idea of what she was doing when this happened?  Surfing Internet, playing Flash.
look also in the event logs for problems !
for recent problems, a system restore helps
I would try re-installing the video drivers.
I would use the newest ATI driver. Seems to be a problem with an older catalyst version.
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