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Samsung New PC Studio uninstall


I am trying to uninstall Samsung New PC Studio from a windows 7 x64 installation.  Kindly advise, as I have already tried the following:

1) c:\windows\installer
2) the standard Programs and Features in Windows 7 x64
3) When using Administrator access to try to uninstall a message with "1628 Failed to complete installation" occurs

Many Thanks

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Try uninstalling it with revouninstaller

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Is Samsung New PC Studio pre-installed on your Windows 7 x64?

If it is not pre-instaleld, backup your data and try to launch system restore to go back to the restore point created when Samsung New PC Studio was installed.
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Hello Jackieman, many thanks for your response.  

It was not pre-installed (i install win7x64 natively on a mac book pro), but I have some very very bad experiences with system restore, even though i have never tried it on windows 7..., so would keep that as a very last resort (in case i need to do a full clean new install).

Many Thanks though, it is certainly better (if it works well) than doing a new installation.

A clean install is the last resort for me. If your data is properly backup to a network drive, doing a system restore is better for me. Sometimes, we just do not know what and where to change the settings and most importantly, as helpdesk support, we do not have the down time for troubleshooting the problem unless the problem itself is very obvious and straight forward. So, for complicated ones, I will ask the user to backup the data and do a system restore first.
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If the installation is an MSI there may be custom or standard action which works fine on install, but not uninstall.  One possible way around this is to run the uninstall silently which avoid all the custom actions in the InstallUI.

Try this:

msiexec /x <original.msi> /qn+

If the original MSI not available (may have been inside an EXE and put in a temporary location for install) then do this:

wmic product list

Find the product GUID for the product on this list and use the command windows to copy it then execute this command:

msiexec /i {productGUID} /qn+

Both of the msiexec commands above will give you a final completion status message ONLY - take note of whether it is successful or not.
If you're still working on this - please run the attached reg file to turn on verbose logging and try the uninstall again.  Search %TEMP% for the newest file that follows the format MSI?????.LOG and attach it to this thread.
Hello CSI-Windows, Many Thanks for your responses.

Unfortunately I am unable to extract the .exe file and hence cannot access the embedded MSI file in case it is there...

I continue to work on the issue, but am hesitant to install reg files etc., perhaps I will do this as a very last resort...

Many Thanks again,
Hello cbowman 92, Safe mode uninstall did not work either.

Many Thanks though.
Maybe you need to download the latest version of New PC Studio.

Install it; reboot and uninstall.
Hello Cbowman 92, after rebooting, the program no longer appears in Programs & Features!  It seems this is now solved.

Many Thanks
Hello Jackieman, I tried this with Samsung New PC Studio v. 1.51..10000642, and it did not work!

Many Thanks to all for trying to help.