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workgroup share with a domain

i have a windows server 2008 working as a media server on my own domain at home. This works well as other people have access to the areas i let them. Easy to manage etc.

However i was recently given a little network media player. This can only access workgroup shares, and provide no way to access the domain shares, basically no username and password.

I was wondering if there is an easy way out of this?

I am struggling for ideas
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Setup same username with same password on both pc (domain and other one), that should work.
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The other device isn't a pc.

Its a network media player, there is no where to input a username and password.
i guess a better way of putting with would be i need to able to share with no authentication between server and client on a windows server 2008 domain

i know this would be easy with a workgroup, but this would be far to much work
share and file/folder permissions everyone/everyone
still brings up authentication prompt when trying to connect from a pc
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because no one else answered the question, so i worked it out myself