Problem with drivers for Toshiba drive in Windows 7

I'm having a problem getting a DVD drive to work in a Toshiba Satellite L505D laptop.  Windows 7 Ultimate found the drivers for it automatically, but there is a small yellow exclamation point over the CD portion of the device in Device Manager and it won't read either CDs or DVDs.  

This is some kind of fancy "super-drive" but I'm used to Windows of any sort, not to mention Windows 7, being able to load these kinds of drivers automatically.  When I re-install them, Windows says they might not function properly.  I found a driver on DriversGuide and tried to install it but Windows said it had a better driver.  I ignored this and still got the same result.

Is this just a bad DVD player or does anyone have any other ideas?

I'll be grateful for any advice!
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edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this Microsoft Fixitt. It should fix your problem.
Please see my artice here on EE I think it will apply in windows 7.
if you suppose it is a driver issue, try drivereasy (free)  :
you can also remove/reseat the drive, for checking the connection
if you boot from a live cd or DVD  -  that will show if the drive can read a cd - or DVD
i use Knoppix for that :
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..note that the drive may just be bad...then nothing helps - you have to replace it !
try to download an updated firmware and then reinstall drivers .
it may help.
good luck
sexygeekAuthor Commented:
I was shocked when this simply detected the problem and fixed it.  Thanks to all for your help!
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