Quickbooks POS V7 Backup Fails

I'm really hoping someone here can help me, cause I have struck out on the Intuit forums.  

Quickbooks Point of Sale Version 7 backups recently started failing. I get an error that says Backup of Company was not completed. Please verify you have enough disk space and the file is not in use by another process, or choose to backup to a different location.  

There is plenty of disk space, I tried two different drive locations.  I restarted the system.  Tried backing up again and it keeps failing.  What can I do to get this to back up again?

Ive also noticed, that I have a 3.6GB log file in the POS data folder, from my research I have found this is a transactional log file that gets cleared on every successful backup.  This issue has been happening for a while now, and I really need to address it.  Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do here???
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PlantwizConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on how long 'forever' is, it may have grown in size.

Do they have/use a lot of pre-set templates or automated entries?  I've had those become corrurpt and had to delete all of them and rebuild.

Get a couple good backup copies and then I'd begin looking to see if there is anything that is duplicated? Or possibly extremely old records that could possibly archived to get the size back down to something a bit more managable for backing up.

It is good to hear you did manage to get a backup.

Permissions could have changed, and may have changed with a recent update.  Confirm all instances (stations) are using the same software update (including their 'server').  Confirm the user permissions and maybe one of those is corrupt and delete and recreate the user to see if the user is again permitted to run a backup....or create a new user name first to see if that corrects the problem unless your have no additional user licenses open.
Perhaps your template is corrupt?

This will walk you through replacing the template:

Select the version (in your case #7) and than select the xp or 7/Vista option.

I've had company files get corrupt in the past and sometimes it is easier to rebuild and move forward, but I'll continue to search out other options if they exist.
mfehrmannAuthor Commented:
Everything works great on the POS, we are just unable to backup the system.  And this log file just keeps getting bigger.  Would this template cause the backups to fail like this?  It fails immediately after clicking OK.  
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Did you receive an error code with your failed backup?

Error code 181026 came up with other searches and when I go to Intuit's site, I find this discussion from 3.5 years ago:

Sorry, I didn't refresh before posting my second comment...

Which OS are you running this on?

And are you using this through Terminal Server? Or just on one or several workstations?

Have you tried to rename your old file to and see if the software will create the file and folder for you?

Yes, I've had and have seen various verisons of Intuit software datastructures become corrupt and require rebuilding.  I do hope you can avoid this, but let's see what else may come up.

How long ago was your last GOOD backup?

mfehrmannAuthor Commented:
That is funny you found that, I am the one who asked if a resolution was ever found on that discussion.  I have been reading Intuit forums all day for this client.  

OK, so an update.  Now that the store is closed I could go back in and play around.  Here is the setup.  They have a Windows XP computer in back as their (server), then they have 2 cash registers up front running POS.  I was attempting this backup on the so called "server".  

So here is the craziest part.  I logged into teh workstation right now, logged into POS as SysAdm though, and am doing a backup to the desktop, AND IT IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has a long way to go, my guess because the last successful was months ago, but hopefully this works and I will check that log file.  

Would logging into POS as SysAdm make a difference?
mfehrmannAuthor Commented:
OK, so the backup was successful when logged in as SysAdm account on the POS.

I then logged out, and logged back in as the Owner of the business, and it failed instantly.  She used to be able to backup herself though.  Is this maybe a POS security rights thing??

Related question though, the backup ended up being almost 4GB, and the pos.db file is only 1GB.  Is that because we haven't backed up in FORVER successfully.  I don't remember the files being 4GB for a backup
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