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Parse a field in Excel 2007

I need to extract certain data from a field. I need all the data that is after the letter "X" in my field. For example:


I need to extract the 24.000
It won't be the same length every time though. It could be 2.000, 100.000, etc.

How can I do this?
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Zack Barresse
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Formula or VBA?


Sub GetData()
    Dim sVal As String, rCell As Range
    Set rCell = ActiveCell 'change to suit
    sVal = Right(rCell.Value, Len(rCell.Value) - InStrRev(rCell.Value, "X"))
    MsgBox sVal
End Sub

pos = InStr(FIELDNAME,"X")
If pos > 0 Then
    ResultStr = Mid(FIELDNAME,(pos+1))
    ResultStr = ""
End If

Is that what you're looking for?
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Your formula works but one thing. If it doesn't find an "X" in my cell how can I have it just put a 0 as my result instead of getting the #Value! error?
This should work...

Oh, and if you need backwards compatibility, you can adjust it to this ...


What do you mean by backwards compatibility?

Also, what if I just want the values to the right of the X and only up to the decimal point? I don't think I will need any values after the decimal point.
Backwards compatibility means opening the workbook in older versions than 2007.  So if you saved it as an xls and opened in 2003 your formulas wouldn't break and give the #NAME error.

Do you mean you would only then want "24" from your example?

Ok I understand now.

Yes I would only want 24. Or whatever is to the left of the decimal point.
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And I'm sorry, the backwards compatible version would be ...


And in both of these last two examples I moved the data into A2 instead of A1, which is why my formulas have different references.  Sorry for any confusion.

It's working for some but not all. If the value to the right of the decimal is anything other than 0 then it's still showing it. If all the numbers to the right of the decimal are 0's then it's only showing the numbers to the left of the decimal.
Can you give some examples?  When I change your data I don't get the same results.

Nevermind. I got it working. I just changed the value to number in the cell with the formula. Then I just adjusted the decimal values.
Thanks very much! I greatly appreciate it!