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How do i add a payment trigger to my PHPBB page

Hi all
I am working with PHPBB and would like to add a trigger to posting from one of my area so that client cant post untill they have payed in paypal first so

------ Example FORUM -- View Current Subjects -- POST -- Enter Information client wants to post - Click post button - go to paypal confirm payment - post is submitted

any help would be great
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Mark Brady
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In order for you or your script to know if a paypal payment has been made, you need to setup paypals IPN (instant payment notification). Basically you tell paypal what URL to send the data to and it sends back a bunch of code (most of it useless) to your script. You then have the dubious task of finding out which $variables you really need from them (mainly only need to see a "success" or a "fail") then you can continue your code based on the returned result. I have done it before but it's no walk in the park.

Lookup instant payment notification paypal and you will see tons of tutorials.
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mate any way you could help me set it up
I am really busy getting a huge project off the ground for a client so I don't have the time unfortunately. Google will be your friend, or, post another question and entitle it something like "how to setup a IPN for paypal"

There are plenty of samples you could look at and if you log into paypal (you need a development account) you can go to "Instant Payment Notification" I think it is on one of the menus from memory, and it will guide you through the setup process. The biggest problem I had was working out what they sent back to my script and how to decode it all. Someone showed me how to echo all the posted values and I was able to extract only what I needed to use. It is a little time consuming but worth the effort in the end. Sorry I can't be of more help but I just don't have the time. Good luck
thats cool i will look it up i know you are busy buit you dont have any examples do you
Yes you can look at one I did a while back. This is the IPN script. Tons of data in it which is not all needed but it might help you out. ipn-process1.php
thanks amte i am reading though it now, did u use this with PHPBB not to sure how to add it in ext
No I used it directly with php scripts that I write. I created the website from scratch and needed to process payments so I used paypal for payments and I wrote every script for the website. Took me about a year!
about the same as a projrect i am working on for another client, but i ma using here is phpbb not very strong with php and from a post page but now fromm all of the post area i want the client to pay for the post and the post is written
You need good php skills to edit that file to work properly. Might be better if you get an already done one from paypal. Much easier. Sorry I can't help any more, to busy
thats cool mate no problem at all thanks for the help  you  have given
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