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Citrix - What is XenDesktop, Xen Server.

How do you use XenDesktop in general?

How do you use XenServer in general?

Do you create one image on xendesktop and send it somehow to all computers on the network?  If so, how is that different than windows domain server with clients joined to network? Does it still require licenses?

Do you still need a domain environment?

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amichaellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. XenDesktop is utilized to (mainly) provide access to hosted virtual desktops.  XenServer is a hypervisor utilized to run virtual machines (servers or desktop) similar to VMWare and Hyper-V.  A typical XenDesktop deployment will involve virtual desktops (XP, Vista, or 7) running on XenServer.

2. A good solution for XenDesktop involves placing thin clients at user workstations rather than traditional PCs.  The users connect to a session broker that hands them an instance of a virtual desktop.  The user will perform most, if not all, of their work in the virtual desktop.  This solution works toward centralized management with a minimal amount of work being done at the user desktop.

3. XenServer is used to run virtual servers or desktops.  Server virtualization is gaining popularity as a method to reduce the number of physical servers in a data center due to maintenance, electricity, space, heating, cooling, etc.

4. Still requires licensing.  

5. You can use a single "Golden Image" with XenDesktop to manage virtual desktops.  Citrix Provisioning Services is traditionally utilized to provide this functionality.

6. Yes, you need a Windows domain.
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