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Shut Cisco interface shuts down other device interface

I am running 2 x Cisco 2951 routers and had an issue when I shut down gi0/1 on one router - the same interface on another router on the same subnet, would shut.

I had HSRP configured and assumed that this may be causing the problems. I removed all HSRP config from both routers, reloaded them, but the problem still persisted. Same issue with Stateful NAT, removed that, problem still exists.

I note I have a config line that simply says - redundancy, but cannot modify or remove this line.

What other aspects should I be looking at here?
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Are these two routers physically connected with a dedicated wire between them? That is the only way i can think of that an admin shutdown on one interface could possibly affect the other one.
Can you post your config please?  Please remove all Level 7 hashes or plain-text credentials and public IPs (if any).
Also, if you are consoled (or telnet/ssh'ed with term mon command activated) to the other router2; and you shut down gi0/1 on router1, what is echoed on the session display?
xyznetworksAuthor Commented:
Yeah after posting this I ran sh cdp neighbors and it showed the other router as a neighbor instead of a switch, someone unplugged, and replugged, incorrectly :)

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