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I have a Lenovo T61 laptop and I wanted to know how I could ditch the image that my work provides because the laptop keeps on stalling and althogh the laptop has been re-imaged a couple of times, the issue continues and I'm basically TIRED of this type of support.  What I've been thinking is that instead of purchasing another laptop or buying my personal laptop, I'm considering purchasing, from what I was told, a second bay that will go on the CD/DVD drive as is supposed to be a Hard Drive which I can run off from.  

Can someone let me know the alternatives for this?  Also, what other alternatives I have to solve this problem.
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Darrell_MilamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can add a second drive into the laptop with a Hard Drive Bay Adapter but it will only act like another drive in your system. you would have to configure some kind of dual boot to alloow you to pick which HD to boot from

see lenovo web site for hard drive bay adapter

double check that your system is in the hardware compatibilty

Still not sure if this is the way to go, myself I would go over what WireDNet has suggested, in looking for the cause of the freeze.
can you be more specific .... what kind of OS is your images ???
if it is a XP you need to go to the BIOS menu and change SATA to IDE compatibility...
Are you allowed by the company to reload the operating system?

You could pull the existing hard drive and replace with a new one that you could load a new OS on and then when returning the laptop to the company you could swap the drive back.

It is also very posible that you could have a problem with the existing hard drive, memory or other hardware or software causing the laptop to freeze.

vulture714Author Commented:
I presently have an XP image loaded onto the present HD, but what I was told is that there is some type of "bay" that will allow my CD/DVD drive to be pulled out and I could then stick this bay drive onto where the CD/DVD drive would normally go.  After I should be allowed to boot off this bay.
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Ditto what Darrell says, "Are you allowed by the company to reload the operating system?"

Just make sure that you are allowed to use another OS on the corporate network before attempting this as the network security people might get excited to find someone running another OS on their network if they were not aware of it.

I work at a large corp where many user's have been using this model T61 laptop for a few years now. We have a standard image that all the T61's get updated from. On the orginal image( this image has been updated in the last several months and even more recently) the laptop hung immediately after login at intermittant times. What we found out is that there was a power management software update from Lenovo as well as a BIOS update which helped prevent this from happening as often...never really stopped it altogether but it helped a lot to prevent it from happening as much.

When you say, "the laptop keeps on stalling" what do you mean by this, or what are you doing when this happens? Can you check the Windows system log for disk errors?

To do this:
Right-click My Computer, and choose Manage from the popup menu.
Open up the Event Viewer, then choose System
With System selected, click the View menu option and select the "Filter ..." menu choice
On the "Event source:" drop down, choose "disk" and then click the Okay button to see if there are any disk errors.

If you see some errors here, backup your data first, then use Windows tools to check the drive and also download the free Lenovo disk diagnostics to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the hard drive.

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