shrink vmware file

I have a vmware that uses thin provisioning.

now that vmware has been growed to 300gb. after a cleanup of the data it uses 100gb

but when i look at the vmware file it is still 300gb big. is there a way to shrink back the file to the actual usage?
Rik Van LierOwner bvbaAsked:
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Concur with "paulsolov". Yes, it is free, and safe to use. See here:

You can use Storage vMotion as well, but you must have a minimum of Enterprise licensing to do so.

Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Use VMWAre Convetert to perform a V2V conversion.  It will reduce the VM to actual size
Rik Van LierOwner bvbaAuthor Commented:
where can i find this option? and is it save to use?
If you have the proper vSphere license, a Storage vMotion will shrink it too.
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