List all DLLs Associated with a Program

Is there anyway to see all DLL's associated with a particular program. I tried using this command:

tasklist /M

...but it lists all and there are to many to display in my command window.
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parnassoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For all Windows versions you might try with 'DependecyWalker'. Which lists dlls loaded statically (dependency lies in the Import table) and dynamically (the program loads the dll with LoadLibrary).

procexp from sysinternals
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Lico_wAuthor Commented:
The app I am trying to see associated DLL's with is a web app (registered in IIS) and only gets called when a 'POST' or 'GET' request is made. How would I see this through process explorer?
Lico_wAuthor Commented:
I also need something for a WIn 2k box as this doesn't appear to work on Win 2k
Old versions of Process Explorer here
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