New Subnet / IP address range

Dear All,

I have almost run out of IP address, - with normal subnet running AD 2003 (Server 2003 SP2)

How do i add a new Subnet and set-up AD.

most IP address are static but i do run a small DHCP for VPN ext.

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someone0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The is /8 or 8bit subnet, meaning it only support up to 8bit of addresses or 256 addresses.  Taking out the network and broadcast addresses, that leave 254 assignable addresses.  Simply trying to increase DHCP range doesn't works.  Not to mention the author question is specifically asking "How do i add a new Subnet and set-up AD."  If you very wan to use to addresses, you have to do what's call CIDR or Classless Inter Domain Routing.  And you can't simply do to  You have to pick the ending address of either with the subnet of or with the subnet of
This is the way networking works.  It's the way network addresses being handle. subnet mask isn't just there to look fancy and confusing.  It's there for a purpose.
Please look up the these wiki if you need to learn a bit of network classes.
Glen KnightCommented:
It depends what other equipment you have and if you are able to configure routing between the subnets.

For simplicity you may just simply want to change the subnet to which will increase the numbers and allow you to continue to use your existing addresses.
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I agree w/ demazter, but still it's a manual job that you would have to do it on all the static ip machine and change the setting in the router.  Which bring up another issue whether your router will suppose /16 network.  Some cheap router w/ manufacturer firmware won't support it.
Glen KnightCommented:
you don't have to do it manually there are ways of changing it remotely.  You can use somethin like PSEXEC:
@demazter your comments are noted but all the links i posted worked fine with me.
smartsyattonAuthor Commented:

I have added the IP address range as advised but used the same subnet. What do i do with the default gateway and DNS servers.
smartsyattonAuthor Commented:
Please close this question, None of the answer were correct, The simple answer was to extend the DHCP range.

No point sfor anyone.
Glen KnightCommented:
That DHCP range will not work without adjusting the subnet as I already stated.

Anything with a 192.168.1.x will not be able to communicate with 192.168.4x with a subnet unless you have routing between te Subnets in place.
Glen KnightCommented:
someone0, I am assuming your comment was aimed at me?

The fact the author mentions Subnets and DHCP in the same question is pretty offputting.

Especially since AD Subnets actually have no relation to DHCP scopes.

I am fully aware of the way in which networks work and what subnets are for.

Unless there is appropriate routing in place then there is not going to be any communication beween different subnets.
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