Citrix online plugin : Connot connect to server (following certificate update)

Hi, I am sure I have just missed something here, and the answer will be a facepalm moment.

Following a renewal of an SSL certificate I cannot attach to a citrix farm with the online agent.  The webinterface works fine, however.

The Web Interface is located in a DMZ and no other configuration changes have occured, only the new certificate has been added.

I can attach to the XML file fine in a browser without any SSL errors, and the application list on the agent refreshes correctly.

On attempting to launch an application, however I get the error "Citrix Online plug-in could not contact the server. Please check your network connection"

What have I missed ?

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Zach2001Author Commented:
OK, it's working again after recreating the site.

Quickj question though, on creating the PNAgent site, I have to copy a mad STA URL from the External Site: http://localhost:8002/fB-F73GOV39a4OgUwC0eQ0dy/Scripts/CtxSTA.dll

What gives ?
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