SharePoint 2010 pages and top navigation

SharePoint 2010 pages and show them dropdown in the navigation ith security trimming.

I want to see if there is a solution to show the navigation on top level bar navigation to show a dropdown of all the publishing pages on a site  and sub site on mouse over on site a and site c.
Home      site A         Site B          site C
      Page a            Page c
      Page a1            Page c1
      Page a2            Page c2

Not sub sites. Page a to a3 are SharePoint site pages. If there is solution please let me know.
I turned on publishing features on all sites  and sub sites.
For sub sites I am using team site and then tuned on publi8shing features.  The sub sites show up but not the pages under the site.
Any pointer is appreciated.
 page navigation
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Audi08Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
figured it, the pages are check out ,so had to publish them ti be visible.
ImaCircularSawConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Just to clarify, you want to have subsites horizontally across the topnavigation anf on mouseover to display a dropdown of pages within those subsites?

Looks like you're using Windows Foundation Server 2010?

Sorry, you're english is somewhat broken and I've having trouble understanding your exact needs.
Audi08Author Commented:
correct I want share point pages to display  across top navigation , sub sites is working , but not pages.
we are using share point 2010 server enterprise edition.
Audi08Author Commented:
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