How do I store a list of names into a vector of CStrings?


I've got a list of student names in C:\students.txt.  It looks like this:


 I would like to store the names in a vector of CStrings.  Can someone show me how to do this?  Thanks.

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ZoppoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi extern,

with MFC I would suggest to use CStdioFile somhow like in this (untested) pseudo-code:

CStdioFile f;
if ( FALSE == f.Open( "C:\\students.txt", CFile::modeRead  | CFile::typeText ) )
 // error handling
std::vector< CString > names;
CString strName;
while( FALSE != f.ReadString( strName ) )
 names.push_back( strName );

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Hope that helps,

AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
MFC has a collection class - CStringArray, specifically for storing numbers of CString objects.  That could be an alternative if you were interested.
normally you wouldn't mix MFC collection classes with STL objects. so i would suggest to using std::ifstream, std::getline, std::string and std::vector.

if you finally need to make a CString from a std::string it is simply like  CString(stdstr.c_str()).

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shaolinfunkAuthor Commented:
ok i think sara pointed out something i didn't think, to not mix MFC and STL.  so, instead of using CString how can i accomplish what i want using only STL?

i'm familiar with vector and string...can you show me how to do the read/input part with ifstream and getline?
AndyAinscowConnect With a Mentor Freelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
Not mixing MFC and STL - well you could do as I suggested initially and use the MFC collection.  To read from a file by MFC have a look at the code snippet provided by ZOPPO which uses MFC objects to read from a file directly into CString objects.  Then just add them to the MFC collection


CString s("hello");
CStringArray sArray;
>>> ...pointed out something i didn't think, to not mix MFC and STL
Well, IMO there's no problem with and nothing against mixing MFC and STL. If I i.e. implement a dialog application using MFC since it's easy to fast write dialog applications with MFC there's no reason not to use STL classes only because both MFC and STL have their own string and file classes.

So IMO it's a matter of taste and habits. I for myself use that class which best fits my current needs. But on the other hand I think if there's no real reason to prefer one of these one should choose MFC or STL in a consistent way since this can improve readability.

Anyhow, that's just my opinion ...
sarabandeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a pure mfc solution is fine as well, though the collection classes of mfc are much less methodologically sound ...

using stl you open the file by

std::ifstream txtfile("C:/students.txt");

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then read line by line

std::string strline;
  while (std::getline(txtfile, strline))

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and use push_back on your std::vector<std::string> > like in the code zoppo has posted.


i don't mix these classes cause they have different concepts and interfaces. you necessarily will need to convert between equivalent classes what in my opinion is unnecessary and against object-orientation approach where each object has one class and not more.

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