remote desktop for windows network

I've previously used Landesk and it had the ability to see the users desktop without having to log in/or ask for users approval.  Im now at a smaller company so no need for the complexyity of landesk but would like to be able to view remote desktops without having to log in/or ask for users approval.

We're using SBS 2008 and mixture of win7, xp clients.
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eappiahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I like Dameware for this.
Before that I used Hyena with VNC.
FrankBusiness OwnerCommented:
You could use ultravnc ( which is free and install it on all machines.
Also have a look at for MSI network distribution.

You could also use teamviewer which has an semi affordable commercial licence:
I use scripts that use the process here.  It's a hack to the built-in remote assistance for Windows.  The only issue is that the user will know that you are there.
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HckrAdm2005Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm with eappiah for dameware. I support about 70-100 people along with my boss and we use dameware. Love it and it's not to awfully expensive and you get a lot of features for a good price.
Depending upon the pricing that you are looking at, NetOp is rock solid and easy to deploy:

resolver1Author Commented:
Using remote view looks pretty good.  However, i dont know whos logged in to which machine and some of our XP machines dont work.  

Damware is $90.00 so might be worth a try, it has a demo?  Does dameware allow you to connect to a machine even if a user is not logged in to the destination machine. also does it show you the current logged in user

Does anyone have any experience installing/using VNC for 40 - 50 pcs?
Dameware does have a trial period that you can use, you can connect even when the destination user is not logged in. You can even wake the PC using WAKE on LAN if the motherboard/bios supports it.

As for seeing who's currently logged in I can't find anything for that but Dameware may having something on their forums talking about that. You can set comments in dameware next to the station numbers. I do this by putting people's username's next to the station number so I know who's pc that station belongs to.
resolver1Author Commented:
Already downloaded Dameware and looks good.  Light weight, easy to use although some of the initial configuration is presented in a overcomplicated way.
resolver1Author Commented:
Damware is the winner.  Simple to use and cheap.
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