Where and how to install NFS?

I have a new server which is running 64-bit Linux 5.4, however my backup server (running on a Windows server) does not support this version of Linux and upgrading my backup software isn't an option at this point. I wanted to have Samba installed on the LInux server but I was informed that isn't an option either. The recommendation (and apparently the only option I have) is to install NFS on my backup server. I downloaded the client from Microsoft. I'm not familiar with NFS as I've never used or implemented it. What I want is to have the Linux server back itself up to a file share on my Windows server. So I guess my question is what do I install on my backup server? Server for NFS? Client for NFS? Gateway for NFS? All of them?
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t-maxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think what you want is to install nfs-server on your Linux, and then export the directories you want to mount on the Windows server.
If the Windows is 2003 or 2008 server, you have Microsoft Services for NFS. Install only the client, and then mount the directory exported from Linux into the Windows machine.
You don't need the gateway, just the client.
mcpp661Author Commented:
So you install the NFS server on the Linux box and then install the client for NFS on the Windows box?
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mcpp661Author Commented:
Now I'm really uncertain........one person says to install NFS server on the Linux server and the other tells me to install NFS server on the Windows machine. Now that I've gone back and read my question I guess I posed it in such a way to indicate that NFS will have to be installed on my Windows server but that's not necessarily the case (as far as I know).
If it is not necessary to install the NFS server on windows. It completely depends on your need. As per your original post you were required to setup NFS on windows thats why I have respond.

Please let us know on which platform you want to setup your NFS server and exatly what is your requirement.
NFS was thought and developed for Linux/Unix. Using it in Windows is possible, but it's not "native".
I would do it in Linux, but you are free to decide. Do whatever it's easier for you.
mcpp661Author Commented:
I'm still waiting for feedback from the engineer who's going to be working on the Linux server. Once I get feedback from him I'll come back and post the info.
mcpp661Author Commented:
Okay, they want me to setup NFS on the Windows side of things. The purpose of this is to have the Linux server back itself up to a folder on the Windows server running Backup Exec so that I can use Backup Exec to to backup the data. So, what exactly would I need to do? Would I just need to install NFS server on my Windows server running Backup Exec? What about the NFS client and the Gateway for NFS? Do I need to concern myself with those components?
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