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E-Commerce Online Shopping Project - Payment Mode Code ?

Hello Dear Experts !

I'm presently working on e-commerce project(Asp.Net, C#, SQL SERVER). It is a Online Shopping Accessories Web Project where PAYMENT is done through different options like NetBanking or Credit Card or Debit Card or Paypal or Cheque etc.

Can anyone guide me how I can achieve this, is it through web services, please explain me right from the basics from where I have to start coding from and what things I have to consider etc. etc. ???

Note: I have never worked on e-commerce project before, so having zero knowledge on how to achieve it. This is the main reason why I'm asking help right from basic initial step of coding or path to achieve it !

Thanks in Advance Experts 4 Ur Valuable Time 2 Guide Me !

TakeCare.. !
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1 Solution
What you want to look for are things like electronic payment gateways - Quantum Gateway,; and with Paypal - look at the sandbox.  All these electronic payment gateways will usually give you free access to their staging servers.  Most will also give you free code to use / sample.

These staging servers basically act the same as the real time gateways, except no credit cards are charged.  Credit Card Testing Numbers vary sometimes depending on the gateway, but most of them will use the same ones to help with unity.

Once you are ready to go live, you point the code to the live server and change the merchant account number.  Some gateways might have more things - like "keys" or a "cert".  You will need to take into account these variables as well so your customer (the merchant) can upload these items.  
What other questions did you have / need?  A good friend uses NOPCommerce and swears by for himself and his clients.

The e-commerce rate has gone down to about 1.95% and $.30 transaction.  Some will offer a lot of free fraud prevention to help you cut back on chargebacks.

The first - well the card companies created the Card Verification Value Number (CVV/CVVV2 / CVC/CVC / CID) depending on what card you use and how you use it - swipe / retail).

Now, for ecommerce, the customer enters the credit card information and then it is sent to the payment gateway to a platform.  The platform decides on what type of card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and then send it to the issue bank for approval / denial.  It is then sent back to the platform to the gateway to the website.  Now, here you are charged usually $.25 or $.30 for the transaction cost.  If the transaction was approved, you are charged the discount rate, about 1.95% to 1.99%.  So a $100.00 would cost you between $1.90 and $1.99 for the discount rate and $.25 or $.30 for the transaction cost - $1.15 -$1.29.  

Electronic payment gateways can be free or they can range in anywhere from $10.00 - $100.00. Plus they might charge you a transaction free on top you are paying to the merchant account broker.

I have been looking more into the Quantum Payment Gateway. The gateway is free - think of it like when AOL offered its software so you would use the program.

Plus it comes with free fraud checks:
MaxMind GeoIP
MBV / MSC - not a fan but it can be turned off in the free virtual terminal (Verified By Visa-MasterCard Secure Code-Things You Should Know)
DialVerify - you can set up the transaction so that if it does not meet your standards, it will call them

Usually you will have a batch fee, about $.25 - $.30.  

This you should look out for is a contract. If you do not like the provider and cancel it, they can put you on a Terminated Match File (TMF) or Member Alert To Control High Risk (MATCH).  ThisTerminated Match File (TMF) or Member Alert To Control High Risk (MATCH).  This is like having a very low credit rating. A lot of merchants will not give you a merchant account once on this list.  And the ones they do, expect higher rates, and instead of getting your money in one - two business days, usually it takes a week, and possibly a set up fee..  And the only one to take you off this list is the company that put you there.  You have to contact the company to see what can be done to remove yourself. Some will say well, if you come back to us... don't do it.

So - you grab yourself a shopping cart.  The gateways will have the code to integrate it.  Be careful with First Data, they require a DLL on the server, which is usually on there but sometimes it acts up.  And ask for a test account.  It will act the same and will help you get along.  If something happens, they are great at seeing what happened and will walk you through it.

You should not have to pay a monthly minimum - let's say you are getting started and process $500 in transactions that month, maybe costing your about $13.00 and it costs you.  Some will want a $25.00 monthly minimum, so you have to pay an extra $12.00.  

I hope this answered more of your questions and feel free to come back and ask more if needed
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