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Loss of Internet after 20min - No Domain Controller is avilable for domain due to no logon servers

Odd issue, 10 computers on network.  Connected to Server 2008

If a computer is restarted, the internet works for approx 20min then "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
Error log shows: "No Domain Controller is avilable for domain due to no logon servers"

NSLOOKUP for <domain>.local

Server: Unknown

Our Network Address are (etc..)

If I start a RD session to the TS server, it connects and I can get internet from there. (never an issue)
When one machine loses the internet after 20min, all others can still access internet.

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sounds like the computers are getting booted because of ip conflicts, try static ips perhaps?
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Make sure your systems only point to internal DNS servers you should not have any external DNS servers listed.

Post dcdiag
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How would I check DNS?

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Darius Ghassem
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Yes, Wrong DNS server. Its pointing to a (should be

This is issued by the DHCP server which assigns the same to the TS sessions.
Any clues as to where I make the change and what is causing?

Thanks so far.
Explain a little more
When the cmputer is switched on, it runs ok for 20min before losing Internet Access.
When I run ipconfig /all

it shows a IP as the DNS, which is wrong.

HOWEVER, I have today discovered, someone in the office has plugged in a Netgear router without any configuration for them to access the network via WIFI. <-- Source of the problem.

By following the advice of dariusq I got onto the correct path.  Thanks.