Windows XP won't recognize my Canon Scanner.

Hello all.... I have a rather strange issue.

I have a client with a Dell desktop running Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3.  He has a Canon MFP that prints fine.  He doesn't have the original CD so I downloaded the drivers from the Canon website.  However, when I go to install the Scanner feature Windows doesn't recoginize the scanner.  It does detect the scanner but it won't install it.  Then when I go to control panel and Camera's / Devices there isn't anything there.  I go to add new device and it won't add it.  

Any ideas or tricks would be appreciated.

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JT92677Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Couple of things I'd try

1. Disconnect the printer and uninstall it so you can start from scratch.
2. Try installing the software first, see if it asks you to plug in the device in order to install the drivers.
3. If this doesn't work, attach the printer/scanner and let it ask you for a driver disk.
4. Turnn on the scanner feature on the Canon device, have it in scan mode before trying to install the scanner software.

If you torture the XP system enough, it might cooperate.

Hope this helps. It's brute force, but might produce something you wan work with.

JT92677 gave some good, solid advice.

Sometimes reinstalling over the original installation can retain invalid parameters.

Try this:
Uninstall the printer and disconnect.
Download and install CCleaner (
Run CCleaner's cleanup and registry cleaning functions.
Reinstall the software and connect the mfp when prompted.

Note - you may want to double check that you didn't get just the printer drivers from Canon, check that you do have the full installation package.  You probably do, but it is worth a doublecheck.

Best of luck.
Michko got me thinking, I use ccleaner, but it may (if not careful) disturb other settings unless you look over what it plans to delete. I have had it remove useful things, and end up having to reinstall some programs if I let Ccleaner do everything it can do.

In addition to ccleaner, consider using the FREE version of Revo Uninstaller that will find leftover pieces of some program. It's best to let Revo run the initial uninstall procedure (it lists all the installed programs and you select one at a time for removal), it then will look for other junk related to the uninstall. But it can be used even if you ran the original uninstaller first.

I concur on the reboot, in fact, the order is important as michko noted, reboot after uninstalling the printer (or using the DEL key when highlighting the printer in the list of printers and faxes).
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cubfan321Author Commented:
Awesome guys.  I am scheduled to be back at their office Thursday afternoon.  I will try these solutions and let you know what works!

Thanks everyone!

Look at the comments. Do we deserve to be given nothing for the efforts?

You should be given the opportunity to divide up the points before closing the question based on your own estimate of the value of the contributions.  it might not correlate perfectly to what the author would do, but it's a lot better than giving everyone ZERO points.

This Zero point approach for abandoned questions really discourages me, maybe others, from wasting our time here.
Actually JT92677, the way it works is that if we don't solve the problem, we often don't get anything for effort.  If a satisfactory answer wasn't provided, then the question should either be deleted, or PAQ'd for informational purposes (typically with one of the poster's comments chosen as the answer).  Just as a poster isn't obligated to give any assist points, a moderator isn't obligated to pick any answer on behalf of the poster, especially if there isn't any feedback or indication that a specific post was correct.

Michko, agree with you if nothing helped solve the problem, but that is VERY different than an author simply abandoning the issue.

Suppose the problem WAS solved, do you know if it was or not?


The same action is taken in a post where it cannot be determined whether or not the suggestion(s) solved the issue.  And in this case, I don't think we can tell that without author input.

Of course, it is up to the moderator (unless the author comes back and updates the question).


Note to LeeTutor - I know this ongoing discussion isn't part of the question/solutions, so please delete it when you close the question.

cubfan321Author Commented:
Hi guys I apologize for not returing to my original question and closing it.  Jeff's original suggestion worked for me.  It took some time and patience and yes I did have to torture XP and I think it tortured me as well.  Anyway, again I apologize for not closing this question out.  It won't happen again.
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