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i cannot map a network drive and i am getting this error knowing that befoe it was i cannot map a drive but other network drives are working fine.the server who hold this drive has windows 2008 R2.
check the attached screen shot for the error
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holthdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2. If this is a DFS share (looks like it) and you logged in with cached credentials to the client you may experience this error.
3. Have you tried flushing the DFS cache (Dfsutil /pktflush and Dfsutil /PurgeMupCache) on the client?

It sounds like either this client computer (not as likely) or that server with the share (more likely) has a DNS issue.  Has it been rebooted, and do other shares on that particular server work properly?

alaayehyaAuthor Commented:
how to flush the DFS cache.I downloaded the Dfsutil.exe but i don't know how to use it.
pls help
alaayehyaAuthor Commented:
I cleared the cached DFS and reboot the machine but still the same error
alaayehyaAuthor Commented:
the answer is partially
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