Event log error Windows Cannot find the machine account.

I am getting this error message in the event Log on a few machines on my network.  I also am having problems using Dameware to remote into these workstations as well.  (Not sure if this is related or not.)  
We had also had some problems with our DNS server a couple weeks ago, and still seem to be having off and on issues with workstations on the network.  Could be related but not sure.  Looking for a little more insight.

Thank you!

Windows cannot find the machine account, No authority could be contacted for authentication. .
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beaner13Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Does anyone else have some thoughts on this?  Still having the issue.

THank you
i think that that would be caused because the domain hasn't finished loading yet and is trying to be accessed
beaner13Author Commented:
But it happens all day.  We have 2 domain controllers.
beaner13Author Commented:
No one responding with a suggestion.
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