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mount External EVA FC storage

Hello there!
As I told you before I am newbie to sun solaris and especiallly to such a case.. I would like to mount 4TB of  FC storage to solaris 10 10/09

Could anyone help me on that issue
 giving me the steps

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I have done all these steps,

Also I have created the zones on  FS switches,  I really dont know how to configure the server

HP proliant dl360 G7
anyone to help?
What EVA version do you have?

here is an install guide from 2007
EVA 4400
Did that help?
How I shall enable multipathing on Solaris ? Zones have been created
good news!!!
according to the linked doc above I was able to find that¨

Searching for disks...done

c5t600143800648ED4B0000600000760000d0: configured with capacity of 4096.00GB

       0. c3t0d0 <DEFAULT cyl 17841 alt 2 hd 255 sec 63>
       1. c5t600143800648ED4B00006000007B0000d0 <DEFAULT cyl 39160 alt 2 hd 255 sec 63>
       2. c5t600143800648ED4B0000600000760000d0 <HP-HSV300-0953-4.00TB>
Specify disk (enter its number):

My question is¨
a. Is MPxIO enabled?  
b. how can I proceed further to  partition the  disk space?

Can u explain to me what is the  2 ? and 1?
You got two paths to this disk, ie. 1 and 2. Which means the MPxIO was not enabled. You can partition it by select disk 2 (the default path) and label it, and select "P" to partition it.
I must enable it right?? how ?
To enable MPxIO, edit /kernel/drv/fp.conf file and have below entry uncommented.


Then, reboot and check it with "format" command.
I have two identical servers the one  has shown the 4TB ext eva storage if I  type format  but  on the other server I cannot see it, I can only see the local disk, how can I trouble shoot that  since  I have checked the zones on fiber switches are ok and the presentation is shown in ho command view eva software
Have you got some form of clustering/shared filesystem in use here?

Sharing a LUN between servers without will undoubtably cause corruption!
nop I suppose when I shutdown the server which is shown and reboot the other the LUN will be shown there right?  no I did  not form any clustering......would you suggest me and give me some hints??
Well the most obvious is to mount the LUN on one server and use NFS to share it out to your other servers. But beware this means a serious load on your network, so plan that in as well

What filesystem are you using?
how can i check my file system?

do u have any useful guidelines for nfs?
My current file system is ufs....

do u have any useful guidelines for nfs?
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The date on this is old, so I assume that you don't need help anymore.

If you still need help, please post what you need.  

I have several solaris hosts that use eva disks, and can probably answer your questiions.