Consolidate and archive multiple users emails in a single location without Exchange

I have a very small business-owner who gets POP email sent to 3 computers running Outlook.

So he wants to setup a PST that's accessible from all 3 computers for archiving purposes, so that if one user adds an email to it, the other users can access it from their computers as well.

1. Exchange + Server would be too expensive
2. Hosted exchange not an option -- His business is a franchise and Hosted Exchange wouldn't meet compliance

Any other solutions out there you guys could recommend?

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belpepsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PST's cannot be shared. Only one instance can be open in an outlook mailbox at a time.
ezekiel2517Author Commented:
yeah, i understand that PST is not an option.

is there anyway to do this without exchange?
GillesTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try to create a mailbox on a provider (for example Gmail) and ask users to connect throw IMAP4
ezekiel2517Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice and suggestions.
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