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String Compare in C

I'm doing a quick string compare in C and I keep getting the incorrect results.

I'm guessing that the way that a string is stored differently than it's actual displayed value, or there's otherwise some cranny behind the scenes of the coding that is causing this to occur.

Anyway, if I run code like the following, I get the display of


Which doesn't make any sense, any ideas?
string Letter = "02";

		cout << Letter << "\n";
		if (Letter.compare("01") == 1) {
			cout << "Hello" << "\n";

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You assume that upon the strings being equal the returned value is 1 which is in fact not.
Compare returns zero upon string equality.
"02" (the object) is "GREATER" than "01" the parameter and according to the function's spec:
+1 : a positive is returned.

Let me know if you need any additional clarification.
PGRBryantAuthor Commented:

My actual problem was a little more complicated, I had a series of If statements that followed that question which asked

Is it "01" is it "02" is it "03"...is it "15"... else... with each one redefining Letter.

And I kept getting an "else" result, but now I realized that it was because the redefinition was just causing them all to display false.. thanks.

Is 0 always true and 1 always false, can you redefine that, how does that work in C?
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>Is 0 always true and 1 always false, can you redefine that, how does that work in C?
If you mean to change the function's behaviour you can do that through overloading I suppose - the details evade my memory - but do you REALLY want to do this?
(Just because you can does not mean you should - right?)
Your zone and question indicate the C language, but your code post indicates the C++ language. Why are you interested in C suggestions when writing in C++?

Since you are writing in C and using the string class (which is stored differently than your c-style string, as you already guessed), you are naturally using the string compare function.

To see how to use the compare , here is code from

Notice that there are a number of different flavors of compare giving you quite a bit of flexibility.
// comparing apples with apples
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main ()
  string str1 ("green apple");
  string str2 ("red apple");

  if (str1.compare(str2) != 0)
    cout << str1 << " is not " << str2 << "\n";

  if (str1.compare(6,5,"apple") == 0)
    cout << "still, " << str1 << " is an apple\n";

  if (str2.compare(str2.size()-5,5,"apple") == 0)
    cout << "and " << str2 << " is also an apple\n";

  if (str1.compare(6,5,str2,4,5) == 0)
    cout << "therefore, both are apples\n";

  return 0;

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PGRBryantAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to learn C but the best compiler option that I could find was C++ 2010 Express, so I figured I'd just get a little acquainted with both along the way.

And xchange and you both answered my question, so points awarded and much thanks.
Well good luck in your studies! I wish you the best. I think VS C++ 2010 Express is one of the best IDE's around for learning purposes.

It would be helpful for us and for searching the PAQ (Previously Answered Questions) by separating your C and C++ question into two separate questions, one in the C zone, and one in the C++ zone. For the C zone, be sure to post only C code so as not to confuse anyone. For the C++ zone, if you indicate that you are not looking for C-like answers, then you will get responses that hopefully will address the best C++ solutions. (I have seen pure C solutions being given in C++ zones; and I think I may have been guilty of that myself.)

By asking a C zone question and posting C++ code is very confusing to me. It also is like asking two different questions in one question. Please take a look at this:

Again, I wish you the best in your studies.
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