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Exchange 2010 server on a single 2008 R2 server

I am building an email server for a Church organization and was going to go with Exchange 2010 STD. I want to install it on a single Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 machine. This will be the only server. Is this possible to do on one box? and what would be the best way to configure it? The server will be cohabitated off site at another facility. Users will probably connect using OWA mostly.

Thanks in advance!
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A single server in this configureation should be fine. How many users are you expecting to be using the server? Do you forsee the server being used for anything besides email? Also, have you looked into the possibility of using a hosted solution. It's possible that with the churches tax free status, you may get some solid deals. It eliminates all the configuration, tech support, security, spam filtering, and would allow any normal person to administer it.

Just a thought
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I anticipate less than 10 users and this would be the servers sole purpose in life.
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10 users are nothing, I would be fine. But be sure you plan it considering the future growth.
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